Dental Fillings

When you smile you don’t want people to see a mouth of silver do you? At Bray Dental we use composite (tooth coloured) fillings to allow us to place a filling that matches the colour of your tooth.

Sometimes a cavity is too large to allow us to place a composite filling directly. In this case a dental inlay/onlay may be suitable.

A dental inlay is a type of restoration that typically looks like natural teeth and fixes an existing tooth that is too damaged to support a tooth filling, but not so damaged that it needs a dental crown. It covers the chewing surface between the cusps, while onlays restore one or more fractured cusps.

Both dental inlays and dental onlays are intended to repair the tooth’s chewing surface.

We may choose from materials such as gold, tooth-colored composite resin and porcelain to create an inlay, depending on your choice of aesthetic appeal, longevity and your budget. Regardless of the material we recommend, inlays are often more durable than amalgam or composite fillings, less expensive than dental crowns and are less likely to have complications during the procedure.

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